The Wandering Mind

The Wandering Mind was my first pop up art show and the true beginning to my brand. Before this art show I was mostly giving art to family and donating it to silent auctions… which I still do

I paint on canvas, using acrylic paints. I have always loved acrylic and for me a canvas is my freedom. I have a mind that roams and is forever thinking… analyzing, trying to understand the people I see and know, and the world I live in.

That is why this exhibit was named “”The Wandering Mind”.  In a nutshell I think too much and painting allows me to process my thoughts and feeling in a different way.

The Expanse

The exhibit was all about color, light, darkness, and friction. I watched EVER Star Trek series there was and just got lost for months and months in all the ideas of how amazing the universe can be. I’m a SyFy geek and I love thinking through and beyond what is right in front of me… “The Expanse.” For this Pop Up I invite another artist to show there work along with mine and had a Avion Sponsored Margarita Bar: it is now a brand tradition at every art show to have Margaritas.

Lost In Emotion

I am a cancer so… I am super emotional and have a lot of passion when I put my heart into something.  I am moved when I need to move, a free thinker and somebody that tries not to conform to everyday stereotypes that are placed upon me by the world… all while just being me. “Lost In Emotion” is about everything not always being black and white… my painting techniques are a way for me to feel like I can control the uncontrollable but I always realize I can only control so much… as is the beauty of life.

Finding Balance

I had some spiritual enlightenment and a couple of days where I didn’t want to talk to anybody and enjoyed the solitude… it happens from time to time. It’s all around a painting filled with the balance of emotion, of life, or relationships. Sometimes I can be a little bit indecisive, because I like giving a lot of thought to every option. Even in my best times life catches me and I just need to reset, get it all out and get back to being me. “Finding Balance” deeply rooted in my values but, always growing and moving upward in life.

The Impact of Woman: The Forever Evolving Me

I started this collection with the full intention of using color… all the primary colors in every way that I could imagine to bring to life my forever evolving life through art. As always I enjoy sharing some of the processes of my work and to listen to what others see in my art. I am always wanting to inspiring thought, emotion, and conversation through everything I do especially my art! Please take the time to read about my art as I see it and enjoy.

Birthright: My Blood, My Skin, My Royalty

This series is all about what was inherently mine at birth… my birthright! Each piece has color reflecting the literal and the symbolic meaning of my blood (red, as little blue), my skin (black), and my royalty (gold). As I painted the pieces started to tell the story of my lose, strengths, and the emotional  highs and lows of the last year or so.