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LaGina draws inspiration for art in everything she does, & interacts with.

She can honestly say that her family is the biggest support system and motivator in life. Her parents have always respected the unique qualities of her individuality and have always supported her creativity. She sees things differently, her thoughts are abstract, and she believes EVERYTHING is connected.

Since 2010, she has worked on a variety of creative projects. Her works have been showcased in solo art shows in Central and West Texas, hung at the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce, been featured in the 400 Years Later Art Exhibit at Seminary of the Southwest as well as countless donations of pieces to nonprofits she has worked with over the years: Whole Planet Foundation, Share The MIC Now TX, Nerdy Girl Success, Art Erotica, The Wright House Foundation – Red Hot and Melanin Minds.

She finds that art is her best form of therapy. LaGina has been creating jewelry, ceramics, and painting since she was a child; now she is using her artistic talents to cope with the loss of her father and most recently, the unexpected passing of her sister. LaGina discovered painting on canvases in 2010, a couple of years after moving to Austin, Texas. Although LaGina has a Master’s Degree in Higher Education: Student Affairs, her creativity has always navigated her life.

After several years of painting under her brand “LaRae Infinity,” she recently returned to painting under her original art brand “My Eye Artistry.” Her work is all about balance, everything comes full circle, and contributes positivity to her communities.

LaGina believes that art should be interactive and shared, enjoyed and discussed, while inspiring change, emotion, and thoughtful discussion.

Future Show Plans

The current art series I am working on is called “Moving Into The Light!” A lot has happened over the last 4 years and I lost my love for painting as I lost a lot of inspiration. It has been a journey of me coming back to the love and root of my art. I have found it… and the journey was one of me moving out of the darkness back into the light. The series was about my journey back to happiness, the light after my dad’s passing. Unfortunately at the very beginning of this year my sister passed and that light has moved further from returning. The series has taken on a new form and meaning and has been appropriately renamed “This Chapter of Life”

I understand life is a journey and I am on the most unexpected and unknown journey that I could never want to imagine. Following the show, “This Chapter Of Life” (Working Title) that I have rescheduled for 2024, I will begin working on my Series called “The Unexpected Journey.” The series will allow me to express so many things roaming around in my mind: time, relationships, living fully, loyalty, laughter, true sadness, and unconditional love.

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